1. Can You Improve Your Hearing
  2. How to Improve Hearing
    2.1 Hearing Test
    2.2 Wear Your Hearing Aids
  3. Ways to Improve Hearing Naturally
    3.1 Protect Your Ears From Loud Noises
    3.2 Clean Your Ears Regularly
    3.3 Quit Smoking
  4. Activities to Improve Hearing
    4.1 Physical Exercises
    4.2 Meditation and Yoga
    4.3 Sound Location
    4.4 Puzzles and Games
  5. Foods That Improve Hearing
  6. Everyday Tips On How to Make Your Hearing Better
  7. Improve Hearing Using Decibel Pro

You’ve probably heard that hearing loss is not reversible and hearing damage can occur without you even noticing. A simple way to prevent inner ear damage and hearing loss is to avoid exposure to loud noises and use protection. In addition, you can also look into how to improve hearing naturally.

Here are a few simple tips and techniques on how to make your hearing better that you can use every day.

Can You Improve Your Hearing?

You can improve hearing naturally by taking better care of your health, caring for your ears, and adopting some good habits.

You can also improve conductive hearing loss. This type of hearing loss can be improved in certain cases. Particularly, when it is caused by things like ear infections or allergies.

In some cases, you can also improve hearing loss caused by more serious inner ears conditions like otosclerosis or cholesteatoma.

The best way to improve hearing naturally is to take some actionable steps. The sooner, the better!

Read on to find out how to improve your hearing and protect it.

How to Improve Hearing?

Prevention is the best tool for maintaining and improving hearing. Protecting your ears from exposure to loud noises and potential damage is much easier than treatment for hearing damage.

Here’s how to easily protect and make your hearing better:

Hearing Test

Testing your hearing regularly can help you stay on top of your hearing health and identify any issues before they turn into permanent damage. This is especially important if you are consistently or often exposed to loud noises at home or your workplace.

Hearing tests are useful in determining if you are in danger of losing your hearing ability and getting a sense of how good your hearing is at regular intervals.

You can schedule a face-to-face hearing test with a hearing specialist (audiologist) or you can use an online or a smartphone or tablet app like Decibel Pro to take regular hearing tests.

Wear Your Hearing Aids

If you are already suffering from hearing damage or any level of hearing loss and you have been prescribed hearing aids, you must use them as often as you can. Not using your hearing aids can lead to further hearing loss.

Hearing aids nowadays come in many shapes and sizes and are much easier to use and wear than they used to. If you are not wearing your hearing aids because they are causing you discomfort, talk to your healthcare professional to recommend a different hearing aid that you can use more frequently.

3 Ways to Improve Hearing Naturally

If you want to know how to improve hearing naturally, there are some simple techniques you can try. First, you should always prevent unnecessary exposure to loud noises. Second, you can and should pay a little more attention to your habits.

Protect Your Ears from Loud Noise

Protecting your ears from loud noise should be first on your list of how to improve hearing naturally. Noise levels above 85 decibels are considered damaging to human hearing. So are certain frequencies. Therefore, you should be mindful of decibel levels and frequencies whenever possible and avoid or limit your exposure.

To protect your ears from loud noise:

  • avoid standing too close to sources of loud noise; move further away
  • turn the volume down on your TV, sound system, or earphones
  • limit exposure to loud noises or cut down on listening to loud music
  • use hearing protection whenever you cannot avoid exposure

Clean Your Ears Regularly

Earwax normally protects your ears from infection, foreign particles, and bacteria. However, earwax buildup can affect your hearing and cause your ears to be less receptive than usual.

For this reason, it’s important to clean your ears. Doing this regularly can help you avoid excess earwax buildup that can affect your hearing and lead to more serious issues.

You can find solutions to clear your ears at home or get a professional earwax removal with a healthcare professional.

Quit Smoking

Smoking restricts blood flow and prevents oxygen from reaching your inner ear. This can affect your hearing ability and cause hearing damage.

To improve your hearing, you should consider quitting smoking. This way, your blood flow and oxygen levels can return to normal and help maintain healthy cells in the inner ear.

Activities to Improve Hearing

Making your hearing better doesn’t need to be complicated. There are a few simple physical exercises, as well as games you can use to improve hearing.

How To Get Better Hearing
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Physical Exercises

Physical exercises can improve your overall health. Regular exercise has many health benefits, and it can also improve your hearing health.

There is no need for strenuous exercise to start seeing these benefits. A long walk, a jog, or simple housework or garden work can improve blood circulation. In turn, this can help make your hearing better.

Meditation and Yoga

You may be surprised to see meditation and yoga included in techniques for how to improve hearing. The truth is that meditation has many health benefits because it helps relax your body and increases blood flow to the brain.

This can help increase attention levels and help make your hearing better.

As for yoga, it is increasingly used for improving hearing because of its ability to restore blood circulation. The relaxing and stretching poses help improve oxygen levels and blood flow that, in turn, can improve overall hearing and hearing issues like tinnitus.

Sound Location

A popular exercise you can use for improving hearing is sound location. It’s an easy way to train your brain into locating and identifying different sounds.

All you have to do is work on improving your focus on certain noises. For instance, you can put on some music and walk around the house. While you do this, try to identify and separate the different sounds in a song to fine-tune your focus.

Practicing sound location regularly can help improve hearing.

Puzzles and Games

Just like training your body has many health benefits, mental exercise also does.

Mental exercises like puzzles, crossword puzzles, and games stimulate and improve brain activity, improving cognitive functions. This is especially important as we age. In turn, mental exercises can help improve hearing by increasing your brain’s ability to process information and sounds, and by improving your ability to focus and identify sounds.

Foods that Improve Hearing

Here’s how you can improve hearing using natural remedies:

  • drink ginger tea
  • add cilantro, cinnamon, oregano, rosemary, sage to your teas and foods
  • take Ginkgo Biloba extract supplements (60 to 240 milligrams/day are good for tinnitus)
  • put a mixture of tea tree oil, olive oil, colloidal vinegar, and apple cider vinegar into your ears for five minutes, four times per day
  • massage some Cajeput essential oil behind and in front of your ears
  • take folic acid, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B supplements
  • eat more nuts and seeds, cold-water fish, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants (like blueberries)

Everyday Tips on How to Make Your Hearing Better

Apart from the techniques described above, here are a few more everyday tips on how to make your hearing better:

  • if noise levels are too loud, move away from the source, turn down the volume, or wear hearing protection
  • balance off any exposure to loud noises with quiet time
  • create a quiet environment in your home where you can relax and give your ears a break
  • take regular breaks when listening to loud music
  • improve your eating habits and increase your nutrient and vitamin intake to improve hearing
  • do physical exercises to improve blood circulation to the ears
  • intentionally practice listening comprehension in louder environments

Improve Hearing Using the Decibel Pro App

Decibel Pro is a reliable sound-level app that also has a hearing test feature. You can use it to regularly test your hearing and identify any hearing damage early on and you can also use it to monitor noise levels at home or your workplace and avoid dangerous exposure.

To learn more about the Decibel app, click here.