Noise Dosimeter

Hearing test

Create photos and videos

Noise Criterion

The best accuracy

Spectrum analysis


Detect dangerous noise without delay. The noise dosimeter will help you understand how noisy it is at home and at your workplace.


The integrated hearing test will tell you about the condition of your hearing according to WHO criteria. Get an audiogram in 6 minutes.

Create photos
and videos

dB Meter Pro enables you to overlay the ambient noise level onto photos and videos and to export the results.


Professional standards for noise measurement at hotels, schools, movie theaters, and other public places.

The best

The accuracy of the application is higher than with many control- room sound level meters of Class 2 accuracy for $100 and more, and at the same time the application has far more functionality.


A powerful spectrum analyzer. More than 100 operating options. Everything for correctly setting up audio systems in large halls and audiophiles' studies.
You want a “go to” tool for measuring sound energy in any situation? This is perfect. I’ve actually measured a needle impact drop from across a silent room. Wanna get tolerances down for constants down and report back the data? Yep, this does it. I love the dB meter and it’s love the software designers/programmers. Well thought out. Great graphical representation as it always amazes clients when I pull it out of my arsenal.
Super useful and accurate Great app and it really helped me solving issues with noise in my flat. Thank you!!!
This is a fantastic app. I really enjoy using it. I like that I can do a hearing test to a great accuracy and get provided with an audiogram. Recently I upgraded my car stereo and been listening to music loudly but with this app I was able to figure out that my music volume was too loud for my exposure time. Might have saved me from serious hearing damage so thanks team!
Fantastic tool for audio production I’m a mix engineer and studio owner and having the correct decibel level is very important. This app give me an accurate level reading every time.
Pat R.
I feel this app is extremely useful. I learned how loud my mower, leaf blower, weed whacker and chain saw all are. I now use protective ear muffs when using anything engine driven.
Very happy Worth the price, quite accurate (I checked against a calibrated instrument at work), bit tricky to learn to use but is well worth the effort. Recommend the Pro version, extremely.
snot gobler
This should be rolled out to all the workers who are exposed to noise pollution. Great way of monitoring your exposure.
DC Centurion
I like it a lot. A spectrographic analyzer like this used to cost thousands of dollars and then hundreds of dollars and now this.
Great n useful If you want to take care of your hearing in the city, this is your guide.